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23rd May party postponed!!!

We’re sorry to say the Pulse party won’t be happening this 23rd May, due to venue licencing issues. It’s a bit short notice to find another decent venue, so we thought it’s best to postpone it until summer, probably July. Meanwhile we’re working on new visuals/videos, so the next one will party will be super heavy. Watch this space! Enjoy the sunshine.

– Pulse crew


23rd May… Werewolf fundraiser

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23 May Sunday // 5pm – 12am

Pulse @ Pangea Bar
72 Stamford Hill Stoke Newington (map

freestyle mashup of electronic music, short films & audiovisuals


  • Werewolf Gangbang, debut screening + free music!
  • Pirates of Breakcore Island A/V piece by V-Meat
    (with snacks & popcorn!)

and live AV sets from:

  • Zan Lyons (Foundry Recordings)
  • Flint Kidz & Brrzzmaster (Interakt)
  • Fausten (Combat)
  • Codeshift (London Poetry Systems)


  • Disco.R_Dance (Foundry)

Features in detail

1. “Werewolf Gangbang” (music video debut screening)

In spring 2010, London-based french electronic music maverick Monster X released his infamous Werewolf Gangbang E.P., 4 cuts of feisty, cheeky and insanely danceable electro/bashment/dubstep on the Tigerbeat 6 label in Berlin. Following a drunken conversation over christmas, it was decided that a video had to made for this. The idea snowballed,  and a few weeks later we found ourselves in a warehouse filming two lovely lasses in werewolf masks grooving rather violently to the beat.

This will be the first ever screening of the video… a huge amount of work has gone into developing this twisted idea to fruition so feel free to make a donation if you like.

You’ll get an exclusive track from Monster X by way of thanks!

2. “Pirates of Breakcore island”

An AV work by Tasman Richardson composed by micro samples of film and sound.

3. “Zan Lyons”

Fresh from storming the LEV festival in Spain,the legendary Zan Lyons brings his crushingly intense  live act to the cozy space Pulse.

4. “Flint Kidz & Brrrrzmaster” (Interakt)

The creative minds from the Interakt crew will give us a taste of the forthcoming Kreatures AV event, with a full audio-synched set of freestyle electronics. BrzzzMaster10 likes to get the stupid juices flowing as he mashes up visual/audio blips of subversive and political film, all delightfully muddled in his edit lab. Collaborating with the genre-defying Flint Kidz, expect a sorrent of twisted grimeytechacidbasselectro  sliced up to familiar images from main stream society and flipped around, creating a social and political satire that leaves the room laughing, confused and disturbed.

5. “Fausten” (debut performance)

An ambient experimental AV project by Monster X and Stormfield (Combat), a stream of eerie post-industrial atmospheres, slow-motion horror and haunted spaces. Put two wrong minds together in a dark room and the results get even more interesting (and wronger). Sit back, have another drink while we lock the doors…

previous party… thanks to everyone who came down :)

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21 March Sunday // 5pm – 12am

Pulse @ Pangea Bar
72 Stamford Hill Stoke Newington (map

freestyle mashup of electronic music, short films & audiovisuals

special features:

  • a sneak preview of Si Begg & Robin Mahoney‘s new feature length AV piece! (see preview below)
  • a selection of short films by Duodroume
    with snacks & popcorn!

and live AV sets from:

  • Point B / Planes
  • Tides AV / Duodroume
  • Codeshift


  • Disco.R_Dance (Foundry)

Film synopses:

1. “We Made our own Disaster” (60 minutes)
A Study of Fascism in Late 20th Century Democracies, NESTA funded AV piece by Robin Mahoney & Si Begg.

2. “Awareness” (10 minutes)
“Awareness” is an externalized nightmare, in which the protagonist has to endure his worst fears and reach into the deepest corners of the self. At the end, he comes back to the surface – a state of “Awareness”, and starts a new beginning. Directed by Fobia, a Berlin-based Brazilian artist, a psychological project was created to investigate the sources of fear, and the human reactions to it.
The project proposes situations in which an individual is exposed to uncomfortable, dark, fearful sensations and throughout this painful journey encounters the primary meanings of their own existence. “Awareness” turns darkness into positive tools and hopes to highlight the need of attention and consciousness in this world.

3. “The Awakening”
(10 minutes)
We live in a repressed society where men hide behind ties and suits, where sustained repression and expectation force people to live their true selves in secret. This is emphasised by the lead character who feels truly free only in his dreams, whose “twisted” hidden desires manifest themselves only in the night behind closed shutters. And that’s when the clock really starts rolling. Directed by Gabi Dworecki 2009.